Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Grocery Shopping

Today I went to the grocery store and did AMAZING! I normally do my grocery shopping every other Tuesday with maybe one stop in between for milk and fresh produce. I mostly shop at Krogers because they double and triple coupons, but I do buy a few things that are cheaper from Wal-mart. Today I spent $66.27 for two weeks worth of groceries (includes some toiletries and 6 bags of Halloween candy)!!! I got a few free items too (2 bags of dog food, 3 deodorants, 2 toothpaste, 3 packs of soap)!!!

(I have no clue what's going on with my pics and why they're posting so big, UGH!!!)

So whats on the menu?

-Beef stew
Pot Roast
Chicken Fried Chicken
Stir-Fry Chicken and veggies
Cajun Seasoned Chicken
Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches
Pioneers Woman's Spicy Pepper Shrimp

Lunch-Leftovers, sandwiches, soups, pizza

Breakfast-Cereal, honey buns, banana muffins, bacon & eggs, cinnamon rolls

I still need to go buy some lunch items for Ethan's lunches and some bacon at Wal-mart, but all in all it was a good shopping day!!! Hope y'all have a great Tuesday and happy shopping!!!


  1. I love to coupon! Sometimes we slack off some but I have to buckle back down. Great job!

  2. I've always wondered how that double-triple coupon thing works...wow, you sure did good for TWO weeks worth of shopping!

  3. You are GOOD, woman! Seriously. I'm impressed. It feels so good to have a day like this.

  4. I'm impressed!!!! I've been trying to plan out our meals, but it never seems to work out right. And the coupons?? I always have good intentions, but they always seem to pile up in a drawer somewhere. Hmmm....

  5. I love leaving the grocery store knowing I have gotten a great deal! Sounds like you did amazing! And your menu sounds yummy!

  6. Holy moly, that's awesome! Great job!

    If you right click on your pictures when you are in the edit mode it will give you size options. Or it should, anyway. Good luck! ;)

  7. That's impressive! Even with coupons, I can't manage that!

  8. You did great! I need tons of help :( I have NO clue how to even begin couponing, etc....