Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hide Your Crazy

Confession time peeps...I haven't worked out all week except for an hour of cardio I did on Monday. Yep pretty P.O.ed at myself!!! So what did I wake up with this anxiety attack.

I know that since I started working out I haven't had hardly any attacks. My crazy hasn't snuck up on me in fore-eva. It's pretty exhausting trying to hide your crazy and this momma was happy that I wasn't having to do it anymore. 

So lesson learned! Tomorrow morning (because it's too late & I have like 52 hrs of baseball games I have to sit through tonight) I plan on getting my sweat on!!! Happy Thursday y'all!!!

ps. I just found this blog written by Skinny Meg and have been stalking reading it all day! I think I have a new girl crush. Love her story. Her house is amazing (wish I could use all that pink in my house but I'm overruled be all the testosterone up in my crib)!!! Plus her post today was exactly what I needed to read (God bopping me on my noggin' again)!!!! Check her out!!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

Okay so this morning when I weighed in I was 159.2! Really?! Are you freakin' kiddin me?! 2.6lb weight gain!!! UGH!!! Not a happy momma.

I so know the reason for this...This past weekend I had too much of this...

 Angry Orchard Hard Cider are the bomb! Even though the are sooooooo full of calories!!!

I ate too many of these (damn you Easter candy)...

 Sweet Tart jellybeans are my fave!!! I wait for these all year!!!

Not to mention the chili cheese dog and cheese fries I had at the boys baseball games last night. What was I thinking? Okay so I wasn't!!!!

If I want to keep up this weight loss thingy I need to get serious about my eating. I know better and I know all this is not good for me and makes me feel like crap. Maybe I should start preparing my meals ahead off time that way I won't cheat...ummmm...there's a thought!!!! Happy Wednesday y'all!!!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Baseball, Baseball & More Baseball!

This weekend it seems all we did was go to baseball and eat really bad for you yummy food!!! Friday we had Jonathan's game. He pitched an awesome game even though they lost (Boo!).

 Then Saturday morning we woke up early for Ethan and Jaxon's opening day. They had a parade and then each of them had a game.

 After we got home and cleaned up we went to eat at Twin Peaks! The boys love that place. The waitresses wear pretty close to nothing and the urinals in the bathroom are a huge pair of lips!!! The boys always have to pee as soon as we get there! Ha!!!

 Later that night Justin and I went to our friend's dad's 60th Birthday party! It was so much fun and I might have drank just a little too much! They had their margarita machine filled with Hurricanes that snuck up on my booty later on that night! Let's just say I got a little sideways!!!!

Sunday Justin, Evan & I went and ate some sushi which I have been craving! It was so good but my hangover was killin' me. UGH!!! After we got home all I did was sleep and watch some TV. I told Justin I wasn't drinking like that ever again ( I don't think he took me seriously!). Plus to make matters worse I ate like total crappola this weekend too! I need to make better choice with my food or I'm never gonna make it too skinnyville!!! Happy Monday y'all!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Who Are You When I'm Not Looking?!

Y'all ever hear that song by Blake Shelton (btw-love him & his wifey Miranda Lambert so much)?!

Well I'm not liking the person I am right now when no one is looking (I'm pretty good at faking that everything is okay, my momma taught me well)! I'm being so negative and it's driving me crazy! As you know we try to hide our crazy down here in the South and it's getting harder & harder for this momma. 

I keep putting myself down...I'm not pretty, I'm not a good mom, I suck as a wife, and the list goes on and on! UGH!!!!!!!!! Sweet baby Jesus it's getting so old!

So right here & right now I'm declaring to stop it! I'm pulling myself out of this funk and getting a better attitude! AMEN!!!

Okay now I feel better with my chest a little lighter! Happy Friday y'all!!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Using What My Momma Gave Me!!!

Okay yesterday I told y'all how my elliptical broke, so today I did Jillian (that's what he said (does that joke ever get old?!)). I'm pretty proud of myself I was able to do the whole set of push ups without taking a break! Hells Yeah!!! They were girl push ups and they weren't pretty, but I did them! So then I started think about how I was going to get my cardio in. That's when I decided to use what my momma (& God) gave two feet!!!

Since I have Evan and couldn't really set him down in front of the TV and tell him I'll be right back while I go and take a jog around the neighborhood, so I did the next best thing... I took this show to the backyard! 

I started doing laps around our yard! Evan was having a blast following me thinking we were playing a game. Of course I had the two dogs to add to my backyard entourage too!!!

I even jogged a little which was crazy since I can't stand running and I haven't done it in a million years!!! Let me tell y'all what I learned from my backyard fitness excursion...

1. Running makes your boobs, booty, legs and lungs hurt!!!
2. I really need a better sports bra (referring back to 1)!
3. We have some hard terrain to maneuver in our backyard. It's not level and there's holes everywhere.
4. Having two small dogs you have to pay really close attention to where you step (Ya know what I'ma talkin' about'?)!!!!

Well after that workout me & Evan are going to go checkout a new Sam's they just built by our house (yes we're going for the free samples, don't judge me!)!!! Happy Thursday y'all!!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

I'm baaaaaccccckkkkk (again, hopefully for good this time)!!!! Today I'm gonna start this new journey with something that I'm working weight. My weight loss journey started last January when I weighed in at 202!!! YEP that's right, waaaayyyy too big for my 5'3" body. 

So I tried the HCG diet and it took me two rounds of it and one long year to reach 152!!! That's right a 50lb loss! Holla!!! 

The only thing was I hated that I wasn't eating enough food (which is unhealthy) and since I wasn't eating a lot of calories I couldn't exercise (which is also bad). So fast forward to today...I'm still in the 150s, but barely. Today I weighed in at 156.6! I've been trying to do different exercise routines trying to find what works for me, but today is a sad sad day! My elliptical broke on me! Booooooo!!!

So now I've decided to start the Jillian Michael's 30 day shred (this is my umpteenth time to start it)!

It's a great workout and even leaves you walking a little funny (that's what she said! Ha!)!!! The next problem for me to figure out is how to change the way I eat. Let's face it that's the biggest challenge of all because I'm from Texas and I love my southern food (I'll talk about this more next week)!!! 

So are any of you lovelies trying to lose weight or get back in shape?!!! Got any tips, please share. This momma could use all the help I can get!!! Happy Wednesday y'all!!!