Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dining Room

Today over at Kelly's Korner she's hosting Show Us Your Life: Dining Rooms. I've decided to play along. Please excuse the pictures, they're from my phone.

This is the view from the front door.

This is the view from the living room/kitchen area.

(Notice that cute baby getting in my shot!!!Ha!)

There's a lot that I still need/want to do in there. Like get new curtains and flooring because the animals have torn them up. Two of my favorite things are the decorative plate Justin gave me two Christmases ago and both my nannies pieces of crystal! Also I put coffee beans in the candle holders and it makes the room smell lovely. Which reminds me I need to go buy some new coffee beans!!!

Thanks for stopping by, tonight we're going to the high school's homecoming game. Hope you have a great Friday and weekend!

Cookies and Doctors

Last night me, Jaxon and Evan made some chocolate chip cookies. The boys were too funny. Evan really didn't want to help. He just wanted to stick his fingers in the cookies!

I want my boys to learn how to cook. I think it's important. Jonathan can already cook the basics. Ethan only likes to help when it's something he likes to eat. Jaxon loves to help with everything because he still at a young age. Ha! And Evan is just attached at my hip so he's always in the kitchen with me!

This morning I took Evan to his doctor's appointment. He's had a rash on his leg and it started to spread. I figured it was his eczema acting up again. Then his finger was infected because he slammed it in the door then he started putting it in his mouth which caused it to be infected. Ethan did this when he was little too. So basically I went to the doctor and paid a lot of money for her to tell me what I already knew!! Oh well! Hopefully it will go away soon.

Well I'm off to meet the boys at the bus stop and then we're going to the Hitchcock homecoming parade! Hope y'all have a happy Thursday!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Whatcha Think?!

Saturday night Justin and I went to go eat and then met some friends to watch the UFC fights. Well when Justin told our friend we would meet up with them later he asked who was watching the boys. Justin told him that Jonathan was babysitting for us and he replied, " Is that legal?"

What?! Was he being serious?

Jonathan is about to turn 14 in a little over a month. I trust him to watch his brothers. They mostly just sit in the living room and watch tv. Actually I think the little ones mind Jonathan more than they mind me! Ha! Plus it's not like we go way across town. We always sta'y pretty close to home and I always call and text almost every hour to check on them. I raise my boys right and they know how to act. I trust my children. Also I believe this is also teaching Jonathan to have some responsibility.

I was 11 when we used to stay home by ourselves after school until my parents got home and during the summer. I also remember babysitting around age 13. So what do y'all think? How old were y'all when you first stayed at home alone? At what age would you let your children stay home alone?

Hope y'all are having a great Tuesday!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Well today is Miscellany Monday over at lowercase letters by carrissa and I've decided to play along!!!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. Right now outside this morning it is 65 degrees here in SE Texas! I feels so nice. I just love this weather. It makes me feel frisky! Ha!

2. Friday night we went to the ZZ Top and Tom Petty concert. Both bands were great and I always enjoy ZZ Top! The best part was this drunk guy who was sporting a mullet and a Bad Company muscle shirt. He was dancing all over the place and playing air guitar. My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard at him!!!

3. Last night I kept feeling like something was crawling on me and biting me. I really didn't pay too much attention because I was so sleepy. This morning after getting dressed I went back to straighten the bed and I saw tiny little ants crawling on my side of the bed. Yikes and where in the heck did they come from?!

4. It was not a good weekend for our football teams around these parts. LaPorte High School (the school I went to) lost against their long time rival, UT lost, and of course the Texans were beat by the Cowgirls. Oh well at least Evan had a blast watching football all weekend! He kept saying, " Are you ready for some football!" Ha!

5. The boys decided to have Nerf gun fights all weekend long and I'm still finding those dang bullets scattered all over the house. At least Justin was finally able to get the one down that they shot at the sky light in our kitchen which is like 20 something feet high! UGH!!! BOYS!!!

Well I'm off to go clean and open up the windows to let this nice weather in! Hope y'all had a great weekend, we sure did with all our family & friends. Hope y'all have a great Monday too!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Life Lately

We've just been doing the regular around here. You know school, laundry, more laundry, cleaning, cooking, playing, watching the new fall shows and football, and doing more cleaning and laundry. Ha!!! Nothing too exciting.

I've been trying to figure out how to upload pics on my mini notebook because Justin's computer has broken yet again. So I haven't been able to post any pics on here or facebook. BOO! I love pictures and it's driving my crazy!

I'm trying to get the house in order so I can start decorating for Halloween. Normally we make our front yard into a cemetery, which our lawn guys love! Tomorrow I'm heading to the store to get some fall smelling candles. This fall weather needs to hurry up and make it's way to SE Texas! I'm ready for ya!!!

Well I'm off to fold some more laundry and clean something! Hope y'all are having a great Thursday!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

First Dates, Homecoming, & Baby Showers

Friday night Jonathan had his first movie date! He's only 13 and growing up so fast. His dad dropped him off at the theater to meet up with is little girlfriend and some other friends. Then Saturday night they had their homecoming for their little league football team. They looked so cute!!!

Saturday during the day me and Evan headed to Sarah's (Justin's brother's wife) baby shower. It was so much fun! Her family and friends were just the sweetest people! I had so much fun talking and laughing with everyone.

Sarah is such a beautiful mommy to be here with her sister Laura!!! ( I have no clue why my pics are soooo huge something is going on with blogger.) Sunday we just hung out around the house and watched football. btw- GO TEXANS!!! That game was amazing and I can't wait for next weekend when they beat those Cowgirls!!! We had a wonderful weekend. Hope y'all did too and have a happy Monday!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Living Rooms

I'm baaaaaaack!!! I decided to take a blogging break. Life was happening around here and we were soooooo busy! Well Evan and I are getting back on a smooth schedule and I want to start blogging again. Plus I've missed my bloggy buddies!

So over at Kelly's Korner today she is having a Show Us Your Life: Living Rooms. I just love this idea because I'm soooooo nosy! Ha! This is our living room. (Please excuse the pictures they were taken with my phone.)

We need to get new flooring because the baby decided to break a blue pen and dump the ink on the carpet. We're planning on getting hardwoods after Christmas time. Plus I would love a new couch. A big over sized sectional that the boys will be able to sprawl out on when they're older. Ha! We're also getting a new recliner too, that one is just a temp because Justin needed a chair for his area!!! Oh and a new tv stand. I want one that hides everything!!! So basically we need a new living room. I guess you could say these are the before pictures!!!

Hope y'all have a great weekend and it's great to be back!!!