Monday, September 27, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Well today is Miscellany Monday over at lowercase letters by carrissa and I've decided to play along!!!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. Right now outside this morning it is 65 degrees here in SE Texas! I feels so nice. I just love this weather. It makes me feel frisky! Ha!

2. Friday night we went to the ZZ Top and Tom Petty concert. Both bands were great and I always enjoy ZZ Top! The best part was this drunk guy who was sporting a mullet and a Bad Company muscle shirt. He was dancing all over the place and playing air guitar. My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard at him!!!

3. Last night I kept feeling like something was crawling on me and biting me. I really didn't pay too much attention because I was so sleepy. This morning after getting dressed I went back to straighten the bed and I saw tiny little ants crawling on my side of the bed. Yikes and where in the heck did they come from?!

4. It was not a good weekend for our football teams around these parts. LaPorte High School (the school I went to) lost against their long time rival, UT lost, and of course the Texans were beat by the Cowgirls. Oh well at least Evan had a blast watching football all weekend! He kept saying, " Are you ready for some football!" Ha!

5. The boys decided to have Nerf gun fights all weekend long and I'm still finding those dang bullets scattered all over the house. At least Justin was finally able to get the one down that they shot at the sky light in our kitchen which is like 20 something feet high! UGH!!! BOYS!!!

Well I'm off to go clean and open up the windows to let this nice weather in! Hope y'all had a great weekend, we sure did with all our family & friends. Hope y'all have a great Monday too!!!


  1. The weather is wonderful here too! I love it!

    People watching is always great no matter where you go, but at concerts it can be super fun. People think they have skills when singing along to their fav band...ha! I bet it was awesome.

    Layla got an ant bite yesterday. It looks icky, I have about had it with ants and spiders around here. I am ready for the 1st freeze to kill some of these creatures off!

  2. What is up with blogger, uggg I just commented but it said error so lets try this again and if you get two from me ooopsy it was bloggers fault LOL....UM 65 degrees in Texas whooo hooo enjoy that girlie, I love ZZ TOp and Tom Petty I always think of the blonde girl on the car in the videos when I think ZZ TOP because she just cracks me up for some reason LOL....OK how funny is that sitting near the guy in the mullet playing his air guitar LOL that is making me crack up thinking about it! Eeeeeeeeek about the ants, I am glad the mystery is solved but I betcha you about freaked when you saw that.... LOL about Nerf gun fights glad Justin got the one off your skylight
    Have a great day girlie

  3. I am sure the concert was fun! How cool. Good for you for cleaning your windows. I hope cooler weather is coming our way...

  4. Enjoy your cooler weather! It's 65 here today, and I love it! We've had an unusually long, hot summer.
    I hate those Nerf gun bullets. They're always missing!

  5. we are LOVING this weather too :) We woke up to 65 degree weather and went straight OUTDOORS!! Yay! Texans played terrible, we were bummed too, same with the Horns! Ugh! Better luck next week! I am NOT looking forward to nerf gun "parts" all throughout my house, our oldest already has three of them, but hasn't learned how to shoot the bullets throughout the house just yet-give it time :) Have a good day enjoying the great Texas weather!!! You went to LaPorte? I graduated from Dickinson...not far from each other at all!