Thursday, September 23, 2010

Life Lately

We've just been doing the regular around here. You know school, laundry, more laundry, cleaning, cooking, playing, watching the new fall shows and football, and doing more cleaning and laundry. Ha!!! Nothing too exciting.

I've been trying to figure out how to upload pics on my mini notebook because Justin's computer has broken yet again. So I haven't been able to post any pics on here or facebook. BOO! I love pictures and it's driving my crazy!

I'm trying to get the house in order so I can start decorating for Halloween. Normally we make our front yard into a cemetery, which our lawn guys love! Tomorrow I'm heading to the store to get some fall smelling candles. This fall weather needs to hurry up and make it's way to SE Texas! I'm ready for ya!!!

Well I'm off to fold some more laundry and clean something! Hope y'all are having a great Thursday!!!


  1. Sounds like fun...except the laundry part! I can't wait to get the kids halloween costumes! I already have a couple of them though. Oh I need to go out and get some yummy fall smelling candles! It's been in the 90s here the last couple of days and I'm really looking forward to fall weather too!

  2. ugh, don't you hate laundry?! I DO :) I love fall smelling candles. If you've heard of Scentsy, they have some great, NEW fall smells that are amazing! I just baked pumpkin bread so my entire house would smell delish and it worked!! looking forward to seeing pics again soon, darn computers!!

  3. Isn't decorating for the holidays fun? My mom was always known for her decorations. Holidays were so fun.

    Hope you have a great rest of the week :) You need to start teaching your little ones to do laundry lol

  4. I've got 3 loads of laundry I am doing right now!!! Never ends does it!

    sorry your computer is messed up! that stinks...

    It is actually gonna be a little cooler up here in Oklahoma this weekend (in the 70's and low 80's) so hoping the "cooler" weather hits you too so you can do some Halloween decorating....It always seems weird to me when I have to start decorating for fall when it's 95 degrees out :)

  5. I'm with you on the fall weather getting to Texas NOW!! Enjoy your fall smelling candles :)

  6. I got my fall smelling candles yesterday (FYI: Bath and Body Works has their small ones on sale for $5!). We got Caramel Apple and "Autumn" which is kinda a spicy leafy thing (which makes it sound horrible). Have fun!