Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Okay I normally never make New Years resolution because I am not a follow thru kind of person. But this year I've decided that it is time for a change. I was reading Woman's Day and came across an article about the Happiness Project. So I found the website here and signed up for the newsletter. The emails and articles really got me thinking about my happiness and what I want from my life. I even considering going to buy her book!!!

Well the newsletter today was about making resolutions and sticking with them. One of the suggestions was to write them down, look at them often and hold yourself accountable. So I decided what better way to do this than to post them on here...

2010 Resolutions

1. Be more positive.

2. Exercise. (Even if it takes waking up early to get it done.)

3. Get my home & life organized.

4. Get the finances in order and start paying down debt.

5. Be a better and loving partner to Justin.

6. Be more patient & understanding with the boys.

7. Find a church to start going to & be involved in.

8. Just be me. The real me!!!

That's enough for now and to get me started. I hope to stick to them. Along my journey this year I'll try to keep y'all updated and let y'all know if I get the book, Happiness Project and how it is. I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe New Year and a blessed 2010!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Evan loved his pizza so much, he had to lick the plate clean!!!

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Some Funny Sayings for Today

The Jaxon-ism for today..."Guess who I'm talking about. She's on TV and speaks Spanish."
Me - "Dora!"
Jaxon - "No. Kilan!"
Me - " Kilan doesn't speak Spanish. She speaks Chinese."
Jaxon - " Whatever, they're the same thing. They both sound funny!"

Tonight's dinner time conversation...Jonathan asked what was every one's favorite Michael Jackson song? The boys have been obsessed with him ever since his death. Anyways. Mine was Billie Jean. Jaxon's was Remember the Time (I think he thought we were talking about videos because he started talking about it and I do not think he really knows the song.). Ethan's was Beat It. And Jonathan's was Dirty Diana which he proceeded to sing word for word! Go figure he is 13 now!!!

Short Christmas Wrap Up

So much has been going on lately. I've decided that it was time for a change; so I changed the blog up a bit. I think I want to go in a different direction than where I was going. I want to be more positive and look at the good in things. I hope this will help me along the way.

As for Christmas... the boys had a great one this year. They got tons & tons of toys. I need to go through everything and start organizing stuff. I got Justin Rocket's basketball tickets and they are awesome seats way down low! Justin got me a Flip camera and I love it. Be prepared for some videos (when I figure out how to upload them correctly)!

Hope y'all had a great Christmas too!!!