Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Okay I normally never make New Years resolution because I am not a follow thru kind of person. But this year I've decided that it is time for a change. I was reading Woman's Day and came across an article about the Happiness Project. So I found the website here and signed up for the newsletter. The emails and articles really got me thinking about my happiness and what I want from my life. I even considering going to buy her book!!!

Well the newsletter today was about making resolutions and sticking with them. One of the suggestions was to write them down, look at them often and hold yourself accountable. So I decided what better way to do this than to post them on here...

2010 Resolutions

1. Be more positive.

2. Exercise. (Even if it takes waking up early to get it done.)

3. Get my home & life organized.

4. Get the finances in order and start paying down debt.

5. Be a better and loving partner to Justin.

6. Be more patient & understanding with the boys.

7. Find a church to start going to & be involved in.

8. Just be me. The real me!!!

That's enough for now and to get me started. I hope to stick to them. Along my journey this year I'll try to keep y'all updated and let y'all know if I get the book, Happiness Project and how it is. I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe New Year and a blessed 2010!

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  1. They sounds like wonderful resolutions to me! And I think all mothers of boys ask for more patience. I know I do! ;)
    Happy New Year!