Monday, January 4, 2010

Long Weekend Wrap-Up

Well we had an awesome New Years! We went to Justin cousin's house to celebrate. We had so much fun and met some new friends also.

But before we had this great evening we received some very upsetting news. We were supposed to go to another party that night at our friends Llyod & Adriel's house, but it was cancelled earlier Thursday morning. No one was told why; only that it was a family emergency. That evening we find out that Adriel's older sister Sara (who we are also friends with) had accidentally been shot and died early that morning. We were very upset and in shock. She was only 27 and a mother of three young children. Our prayers are with this wonderful family for their loss of such a young and beautiful soul.

Friday, Justin was off so we just lounge around the house. My sister and her kiddos stayed with us too. She had stayed the night before to watch the boys for us while we went to the New Years party. I cooked a pork roast, some cabbage & potatoes, and of course some black eyed peas. All the kids (except Evan who eats anything) were not too thrilled with the food, but they did take a bite of everything because we told them they had to or they would have bad luck all year!

(He had a black eyed pea stuck to his forehead. It was so funny!)

Saturday my sister and I went to exchange Ethan's scooter he got for Christmas at Target. Then we did a little shopping at Toys R Us and Wal-mart. Abby (my niece) and Evan went with us and the boys and Tyler (my nephew) stayed at home with Justin. Lacey and I picked up some pizza on the way home for dinner. After we ate Lacey and the kids headed home.

Sunday after we ate breakfast (and before football started) we went to the park in our neighborhood. Ethan & Justin tried to fly this remote control kite that Ethan had gotten for Christmas, but it didn't fly so well. Evan & I sat there and laugh at their attempts to fly the kite, while Jaxon played at the park. Then we went home and watched football. Chachi (Justin's mom) came to pick up the boys to go play at her house, but Ethan didn't want to go so she just took Jaxon & Evan. Then a few hours later she called and asked if I would want to pick up Jaxon. He wanted to come home and that his stomach was hurting. She went ahead and kept the baby because he was taking his nap. So we headed home. We watched some more football and I sat down and organized all my coupons in my binder.

Today I need to get some cleaning done while Chachi still has the baby. So that is what I'm off to do. Hope y'all had a Great Weekend and Happy New Year too!!!

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your friend. How devastating.

    Hope the new year is a wonderful one for you!