Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yesterday & New Things!

Yesterday was great...Justin was off of work, so we decided to take Jaxon and Evan to go eat at the Mexican restaurant in town. Yum I can't get enough Mexican food. I would eat it everyday if I could. Then we went to Justin's parents house to pick out our new puppy! It's a mini chocolate dachshund and a girl. We get her in 2 weeks. Evan just kept wanting to give it kisses. So sweet!

Then we came home and while Evan took a nap I went grocery shopping. I enjoy going kid less. It's less confusing when I'm trying to get deals and match coupons and not having to chase a 4 year old down an aisle or catch a baby crawling out of the basket!

Ethan was home from school by the time I got back. We ate dinner which was tacos. (It was Ethan's night to choose a meal) While cooking I notice someone learned how to use a step stool. Great!

While I was cleaning up from dinner Jaxon came running in saying how he found his sunglasses. (Great, but I had no clue they were lost.) Then he was upset when he realized they were broken.

So he gave them to Evan!

We finished the night off with ice cream. It was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

Hope y'all had a great Friday too!


  1. What a cute little puppy!! My neighbor has a dachsund named Snoopy and it is the cutest little doggy! What are you gonna name it? Your little Evan looks like he already made a new friend :0) LOL

    O.K. that is hilarious (the pic of Jaxon) in the one lens sunglasses! LOL ....never a dull moment with kiddos....

    Oh and Kelcee has just discovered the magic of step stools too stuff I tell ya....

    That ice cream looks oh soooo yummmy

    Have a great rest of the weekend
    Summer :0)

  2. Oh...My...Word..You have some super cute boys! And that puppy! I could just squeeze it =) God Bless from a fellow Momma to Four!

  3. Your boys are so cute! I love the sunglasses picture--his facial expression is priceless!

    Mexican food? Um, I pray to eat it as much as possible...omg, I love it!

    And that puppy?! Holy cuteness!


  4. awww- that puppy is just about the cutest thing EVER! oh the step stool.... on to new things now!! haha!