Friday, January 29, 2010

Makes Me Laugh

When ever I feel upset, sad or just out of it, I can always count on my boys to make me laugh & smile. Whether it's Jonathan doing completely awesome at one of his games or Ethan and his crazy inventions that he's always coming up with. (btw - I think I'm out of scotch tape now due to his last one!) Or Jaxon and just what comes out of that child's mouth, like this morning he walked into the living room and said, " It smells in here. Who farted?" He turned around and went back to his room. Then he came right back into the living room and said," It must be me because the smell is following me every!" Ha! Stinky boys crack me up.

And how do you not smile at this kid?!

Well I hope y'all find things that make y'all smile & laugh! Justin & I are going to see Dave Ramsey tomorrow and I'm so excited! I'll let y'all know how it was! Have a great weekend!


  1. You made me smile and laugh! That was such a daring story! I had two girls first and really did not know what I would do with a boy. Then I got my first boy...I fell in love all over again! I is the best! I would take a dozen!

  2. What an adorable little boy. Just stopping by on Friday Follow to let you know, I'm a new follower! Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Such a cutie. 4 boys????? Oh my you are my new hero, haha! I bet there is never a duel moment at your house. I should have taken the wine out of the picture. lol.

  4. You sooo just made me smile :0)! LOL about what kids say! That is so funny what your little one said and then thought it was him being "stinky"! Funny Stuff! Your boys are just adorable....Have fun this weekend....
    Oh and thanks for your thoughts and prayers...
    Summer :0)

  5. How cute is he??
    I am so jealous about you going to see Dave Ramsey! We love him at our house! Let us know how is goes!!

  6. Wow...4 boys! You definitely have your hands full.
    Cute boys and cute blog!

  7. Stopping by from Friday Follow. LOVE your blog it is great! Have a great weekend and I will be back to visit again soon.

  8. Thanks for linking up at Friday Follow! It’s such a grand day to meet you, so here I am...your newest blog follower. Happy weekend!

    ~ Lynn

  9. Oh You just want to squeeze his little cheeks. Thanks for participating in Friday Follow. I am catching up to the links. Rita @