Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Big 3-0!!!

Yesterday I turned the big 3-0!!! I'm sooooo excited to start this new journey in my life. When my sister called to wish me happy birthday she asked if I felt older. I thought about it for a minute and told her, no, I feel smarter! ha! My day was amazing except for one thing...

It start out with Jaxon telling me happy birthday, but he couldn't tell me what he got me for my birthday. I told him it was okay because it was my birthday. He said no that he couldn't tell me because he didn't get me anything!!! I did end up getting something from Justin...

They were beautiful and smelt lovely!

I made pot roast with mashed potatoes and we all sat at the table together to eat. It was so nice. Then for dessert we had cupcakes that I made. Yum!

Jonathan then called me to wish me happy birthday and to let me know that they had won their basketball game. Oh how I wish that he was here with us. That would have made my day perfect!

Right before bedtime Jaxon gave me my gift from him. He spent a lot of time trying to come up with something all day.

I got earphones and a flashlight. What more could this mother want? But then he had to come to me and explain that he had to take back the earphones because they belonged to Ethan. Oh well I was happy with my flashlight!

Now about the one thing that went wrong... the toilet in the boys bathroom is clogged. The only thing we can figure is that someone under 3 feet flushed something down it, but no one will confess! Well I'm off to battle the stinky toilet!


  1. Hi,
    I found your blog from Ashley's Avenue.... I think it's really cute! Happy Birthday....
    The flowers are so pretty....I love pink....
    LOL about the earphones and flashlight....
    Oh and I know whatcha mean about a clogged 3 year old put like a 1/2 of baby wipes in ours and flushed it....oh yeah....what a mess.... We now have the toilet child proofed....LOL

    Look forward to reading more....
    Summer :0)

  2. I'm so sorry I missed your birthday! It was my Mother in law's and I made her dinner and had them over. My bday was last Friday. LOVE January birthdays! :)