Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Some Funny Sayings for Today

The Jaxon-ism for today..."Guess who I'm talking about. She's on TV and speaks Spanish."
Me - "Dora!"
Jaxon - "No. Kilan!"
Me - " Kilan doesn't speak Spanish. She speaks Chinese."
Jaxon - " Whatever, they're the same thing. They both sound funny!"

Tonight's dinner time conversation...Jonathan asked what was every one's favorite Michael Jackson song? The boys have been obsessed with him ever since his death. Anyways. Mine was Billie Jean. Jaxon's was Remember the Time (I think he thought we were talking about videos because he started talking about it and I do not think he really knows the song.). Ethan's was Beat It. And Jonathan's was Dirty Diana which he proceeded to sing word for word! Go figure he is 13 now!!!

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