Friday, March 22, 2013

Who Are You When I'm Not Looking?!

Y'all ever hear that song by Blake Shelton (btw-love him & his wifey Miranda Lambert so much)?!

Well I'm not liking the person I am right now when no one is looking (I'm pretty good at faking that everything is okay, my momma taught me well)! I'm being so negative and it's driving me crazy! As you know we try to hide our crazy down here in the South and it's getting harder & harder for this momma. 

I keep putting myself down...I'm not pretty, I'm not a good mom, I suck as a wife, and the list goes on and on! UGH!!!!!!!!! Sweet baby Jesus it's getting so old!

So right here & right now I'm declaring to stop it! I'm pulling myself out of this funk and getting a better attitude! AMEN!!!

Okay now I feel better with my chest a little lighter! Happy Friday y'all!!!!


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