Thursday, March 21, 2013

Using What My Momma Gave Me!!!

Okay yesterday I told y'all how my elliptical broke, so today I did Jillian (that's what he said (does that joke ever get old?!)). I'm pretty proud of myself I was able to do the whole set of push ups without taking a break! Hells Yeah!!! They were girl push ups and they weren't pretty, but I did them! So then I started think about how I was going to get my cardio in. That's when I decided to use what my momma (& God) gave two feet!!!

Since I have Evan and couldn't really set him down in front of the TV and tell him I'll be right back while I go and take a jog around the neighborhood, so I did the next best thing... I took this show to the backyard! 

I started doing laps around our yard! Evan was having a blast following me thinking we were playing a game. Of course I had the two dogs to add to my backyard entourage too!!!

I even jogged a little which was crazy since I can't stand running and I haven't done it in a million years!!! Let me tell y'all what I learned from my backyard fitness excursion...

1. Running makes your boobs, booty, legs and lungs hurt!!!
2. I really need a better sports bra (referring back to 1)!
3. We have some hard terrain to maneuver in our backyard. It's not level and there's holes everywhere.
4. Having two small dogs you have to pay really close attention to where you step (Ya know what I'ma talkin' about'?)!!!!

Well after that workout me & Evan are going to go checkout a new Sam's they just built by our house (yes we're going for the free samples, don't judge me!)!!! Happy Thursday y'all!!!!

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  1. Ha! I just left you a comment on your last post telling you to start running. I used to HATE, I'm talking HATE, running and now I love it. Once you start seeing the results you just become addicted. Plus, it is a great stress reliever. Just 20-30 minutes of running can burn SO MANY CALORIES. So good.
    If you want starter tips go to my blog and click on my "Running" label.

    Good luck!