Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

Okay so this morning when I weighed in I was 159.2! Really?! Are you freakin' kiddin me?! 2.6lb weight gain!!! UGH!!! Not a happy momma.

I so know the reason for this...This past weekend I had too much of this...

 Angry Orchard Hard Cider are the bomb! Even though the are sooooooo full of calories!!!

I ate too many of these (damn you Easter candy)...

 Sweet Tart jellybeans are my fave!!! I wait for these all year!!!

Not to mention the chili cheese dog and cheese fries I had at the boys baseball games last night. What was I thinking? Okay so I wasn't!!!!

If I want to keep up this weight loss thingy I need to get serious about my eating. I know better and I know all this is not good for me and makes me feel like crap. Maybe I should start preparing my meals ahead off time that way I won't cheat...ummmm...there's a thought!!!! Happy Wednesday y'all!!!!

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  1. It's so hard not to cheat. I did my Insanity last night and then promptly ate some Ben & Jerry's. I've been making snacks for myself for the week on Sundays. It really helps a lot. You look amazing, and have worked really hard!!! Keep it up!! Think of the upcoming river trip for motivation!! :)