Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dreaming of Falling

This morning I woke up with the worst anxiety attack I've had in a long time. The worst part was that I couldn't really do anything to calm my nerves because I had kids to get ready for school and I'm still feeling on edge right now even writing this.

So what caused this attack?! I had a horrible dream. It started off that I got into an elevator with two women who looked like they were girlfriends and of course I've never seen them  before or recognized them. Then all of a sudden the the elevator started to jerk and come to a halt. Then it started free falling. The other two women held on to each other screaming and I fell to the floor. I started to see my life flash before my eyes, the boys, Justin and all of us having a good time laughing. Then there was nothing, my mind just went blank and I remember getting mad that here it was that I was about to die and my mind was blank. No memories, no words, nothing to comfort me. Then right before the elevator crashed it came to a stop and one of the women was able to squeeze the doors open and jump out. I was next and then the other woman followed. Then my dream was over and I woke up with this  anxiety attack. UGH!!!

What on Earth does this dream mean and why did it scare the crap out of me? Why did my mind go blank, why couldn't I recall anything? Have y'all every had a dream that caused you anxiety? If y'all have any advice about the dream or what y'all do to help your anxiety help a sista out and share!!!


  1. Omg I love analyzing dreams. Ok dreams about falling are always about you feeling overwhelmed/insecure/out of control about something. When you fell you had nothing to hold on to, but the other women had each other to hold on to. This could mean that you feel no one is there to help you when you need it most or like you can't rely on someone when shit hits the fan. The fact that the two of them were girlfriends could be your friend(s) or a female person in general maybe caused you some stress or that you were looking to a female someone for help and they couldn’t/wouldn’t or even that you don’t feel you can ask a friend for help. But then you had those good thoughts of your family! They were saying... when things are out of control were here for you! That was your comfort and when the thoughts ended and went blank you got mad. Maybe you were mad at yourself for letting things upset you so much when you have so much to be happy about? And now for the kicker!! The fact that one of the women squeezed the door open and got out before you, that’s obviously you putting other people before yourself! You were scared but instead of breaking down that door yourself and getting the hell out of there you let someone else go first! *whew!* I am in no way a trained professional dream analyzer so take from this what you wish lol And this may sound cheesy, but I am always here for you. If you want to vent, have a margarita, go thrifting, or all of those at once then I’m your girl! :)

  2. dreams like that ALWAYS freak me out...I'll wake up dripping in sweat and shaking...

    ugh! Hope you're doing better :)