Monday, August 9, 2010

A Family Saturday!

Saturday morning we woke up early and headed to Justin's uncle doughnut shop. We met up with Tony, Amanda, Eric and Sarah. Of course his aunt Debbie, uncle Ray and cousin Ryan who own the place were there too. Justin's other aunt, Josie was there and called Justin's mamaw and told her to come up there to see all of us! She came with Justin's other uncle Gerry and aunt Anitra. It was like a mini family gathering! It was so nice!

After we ate and visited we headed to an antique shop to look around. I'm going to have to go back. They had so much stuff I want to buy for the house!

After that we headed to Gringos to go eat. We had to wait for awhile for a table and while we were waiting to our surprise Justin's other aunt Nina walks by. She was eating there with her daughter and friends.

As soon as we get done eating we see a fire truck pull up and hear an alarm go off. Then a employee walks up to our table telling us that the fire department wants to evacuate the restaurant and they gave us our meal for free and a card for a free meal on our next visit. We say our goodbyes to Justin's brothers and get in the car to leave. A few minutes later Eric (Justin's brother) calls and tells us they had to turn around and go back because his pregnant wife Sarah started to feel sick. The paramedics at Gringos said there was a carbon monoxide leak and that it had happened last night too and 20 people had to go to the hospital. Poor Sarah had to go to the hospital and had to be monitored and put on oxygen. She finally got to go home yesterday morning. Her and the baby are fine and so are all of us. We just had minor headaches. I still can't believe that the restaurant was even opened!!!

I'm so happy everyone is okay though! Besides the carbon monoxide poisoning we had a great Saturday with the family! Hope y'all had a great weekend and a happy Monday!!!


  1. Looks like a fun Saturday, of course, minus the small tragedy. Your table looked busy and fun!

  2. How fun! Looks like a great time with the family. I love the pictures!!

  3. It sounds like a blast! Well, except for the carbon monoxide. Yipes! Glad everyone was okay. :)

  4. Wow, how scary. Glad everyone is okay!

  5. carbon monoxide? how scary. Looks like a fun-filled Saturday otherwise :)

  6. That was so crazy. Sarah said shes still not feeling well. She is going back to the doctor today.

    Y'all want to have a Gringo's get together? Or are yall going to have a date night with your coupon ;)

    And those hurricanes are at that dollar store in the Cabo's strip center. Candy bar is a great idea!

  7. Oh my goodness Carbon Monoxide poisoning! That is so stinkin' scary! I can't believe they were opened either! I am so glad ya'll are o.k. and that Justin's brother's wife is o.k. to and so is the baby....that is really scary stuff

    Glad ya'll had a mini fam I would love if someone in our fam owned a donut shop LOL