Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fight Night

Friday night was way better than earlier that day. I guess Justin just knew I had to get out of the house, so we went out to go eat at Cabo's (Mexican restaurant). It was just what I needed! Thanks Honey!!! Saturday morning we had our cable changed back to satellite and after that Justin took the boys to his mother's for a short visit. Since we were kid free we went to run some errands. First we went and bought Justin his new iPhone (4 or something)! Then we went to go eat (Mexican food of course, I can eat it 24/7) and then we headed to Wal-mart to get some goodies to make nachos with for that night! After the boys got home, we ordered the boxing match and had some friends over.

We need to get a bigger couch for more seating room!!! Ha! Evan had a blast. Our friends Kelli and Jason brought their little girl Kinley over. She's 9 months old and just the cutest baby ever!!!

We had a great night with great friends and great conversation! I just love nights like those!!! Hope y'all had a great weekend and are having a great Tuesday!!!


  1. Well yay or Justin for cheering you up! That is awesome he took you to eat your fav food and shop! Retail therapy is always best :)

    Look how cute Evan playing with his new friend love it...

    Sorry you had a bad day on the last post but glad Justin was able to turn your frown upside down!

    Love how you decorated your living room, super cute...

    Thanks for your super sweet comment....means the world to me totally had me tear up

    Summer :)

  2. I LOVE YOUR LIVING ROOM! Especially those curtains, I need curtains and LOVE those! Glad your day was better. I've been to Cabo one time and can't remember if it was good?! We love mexican food too :)