Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Celebration Weekend!

Today is Jaxon's birthday. He is 6!!! I'll post pic of today tomorrow...

This weekend was so much fun. Friday night we went to Chuck E. Cheese for Justin's cousin's children's birthday (wow sounds a little like Ferris Bueller)! The boys had a blast. They love that place, but what kid doesn't?!

Justin's brother & wife came also. They brought their adorable little baby, Wyatt. It was so funny...Justin kept picking on him and he would stick out his bottom lip and make a sad face!

Saturday was our 11th anniversary (together, not marriage). We went to eat at Chuy's (Mexican restaurant, duh!) and then headed home to get ready for our friends, Kevin & Laura's wedding.

We had so much fun. The wedding was beautiful. After the wedding a group of us went to a few bars/clubs and hung out in Galveston.

We had an amazing weekend!!! Hope y'all did to & happy Tuesday!!!


  1. we haven't been to a friends wedding in FOREVER...have one coming up in Sept in Galveston and we're both looking forward to it! Where was that reception? Looks pretty! Yea, we love chuck e cheese too!!!

  2. Hope it was a special birthday! The wedding looks beautiful!!