Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In

Today I'm starting something new...Wednesday Weigh-In!!! I was on a weight loss program and actually lost almost 30lbs a few months ago. Then I had to up my dosage on my other medication I take causing my weight to creep back up. Boo!

So I'm starting at my heaviest weight again. The program I did to loose the weight the first time was the HCG diet. It worked really well for me and I learned a lot about what is healthy for my body. I plan on doing this again. It was created years and years ago by a Dr. Simeon. You can read his book, Pounds and Inches here.

I'm not going to post my starting weight because it's kind of embarrassing. Let's just say it's a lot! Every week I hope to post my lost weight and things I'm doing to accomplish it! I hope by posting this here it will keep me more accountable and on track. If you want to join me on my journey just leave me a comment and we can be each others support!!! Good Luck and y'all have a happy Wednesday!!!


  1. That's awesome! I'm in week two of starting to lose weight. I'm just eating a lot better nd exercising. I'm down 8 pounds!

    good luck with your weigh loss journey. I am right there with you :)

  2. Good for you! I'll be right here with ya cheering you on! :)

    Kat@Seeking Sanity

  3. Long time, no "see!"

    Good luck to you. I am going to need to do something once I have this baby!

  4. good luck on your weight loss journey :) Here's to happy success!!!

    Glad to "see" you again!!!!