Friday, August 26, 2011

What I'm Lovin' This Week

This week I'm lovin' that the boys went back to school!!! The older three started on Monday.
Evan not so happy we're up so early!

Jaxon started first grade.

Ethan started 5th grade.

Jonathan started 9th grade.

I can't believe I have a high school kid! Yikes!!! I think the thing he was most excited about were the girls! Lawd help me!!! We also found out Ethan was chosen to participate in a special science & technology program. There were only 30 5th graders chosen and they get to go to Ellington Airforce Base every Tuesday for 5 weeks. We are so proud of him!!! So what are y'all lovin' this week. Hope y'all are having a happy Friday!


  1. How fun to have so many boys at so many different ages!

  2. I love the first day of school pictures!