Thursday, April 8, 2010

Look What I Got!!!

I had a few people comment about the purse I got at the Dogwood festival and that y'all wanted to see it. So here is my new lovely...(sorry picture quality isn't the best)

Then on Monday my new case for my iPhone came in. I decided to go with something girly, flashy & fun!!!

Then yesterday I went and bought my new favorite cleaning tool...the Shark steam mop!!! It does an amazing job. Makes cleaning supper fast & easy. I heard people raving about it on Twitter the other day, so I decide to give it a try. Wow!

Well those are a few of my new favorite things I've gotten lately to make my life a little more fun and easier! I'm off to pay some bills and hopefully find some motivation to clean! (I've already cleaned all my floors.) Ha! Hope y'all have a happy Thursday!


  1. Tell me more about this Shark steam mop...I'm interested.

  2. I heart that purse! LOVE IT! Ya know I would I'm a big fan of zebra print ha ha! Tell me about that Shark Steam Mop? I have never heard of it....but I may have to get one!

    Love the I Phone Case! We all need some bling bling every once in awhile LOL

    Summer ;0)

  3. Welcome to the darkside! Your man and Erin have sucked me into 'Words With Friends' app. I'm addicted!

    Might have to borrow that steam mop. Is it good for laminate floors?

  4. What great purchases!!! I need to go shopping!! lol

  5. Wow! Love the purse! Love the phone case! And I borrowed the shark mop once from a friend and thought it was ok but it still left my wood floors with some streaks. I hate streaks. Are you using it for wood floors? Did you find it left streaks at all?

  6. so glad you spoiled yourself with a few fun things! : )

  7. LOVE that purse girlie!!! I LOVE zebra print!!!Im glad you got to spoil your self a little! we moms dont get to do that hardly ever!! You derserve it! and love your flashy iphone case!!! And Im going to have to try the steam mop when I get some money! We have a plain mop and it doesnt do crap! we used to have the siffer mop and it sucked too! So I will have to try this out! How much was it?

  8. Where do I find this mop thingy??? I DETEST mopping and if this will make that job easier, I want one!! Please, do tell.

    Cute purse! Perfect for Spring.

  9. I REALLY want a Shark Steam Mop. I hope it cleans as well as I hear!