Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up!

Friday I spent the day doing pretty much nothing, but then after Ethan got out of school we went to pick up Jonathan for the weekend. It was so sweet when he got in the car he showed us a book he made about Evan. He dedicated it to me and wrote such a sweet note! After we got home I made dinner. After we ate we watched Avatar. The older two boys had already seen it so they stayed in their room playing video games. So Justin (he's seen it already too) Jaxon and me (the only ones who hadn't seen it yet) settled in to watch the movie. 45 mins into the movie I look over and poor Jaxon was out like a light. Then towards the end of the movie I started getting sick. Lets just say I spent the rest of the night with my head in the toilet.  No I'm not preggers. Why is it that every time I'm sick or tired everyone assumes that I'm pregnant? Maybe it has something to do with having 4 kiddos! Ha!

Saturday we just hung out and we really didn't do much of anything. Justin went to a wake for one of our friends dad who passed away from a heart attack at the age of 51. It was so sad. I stayed home because I still wasn't feeling to well.

Sunday we spent the morning watching "Where the Wild things are". I think Ethan was the only one that watched the whole thing through. I didn't really like it. Then I had to take Jonathan back home because he had a baseball game later that day. I'm always sad after having to take him home, so what do I do? I cook!!! I made fried pickles, chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy and corn on the cob. Then I made some banana pudding.
 Evan helping momma cook!

After making it I find out that only me and Evan like it. Oh well more for us then!!! So we had a great Southern cookin' Sunday and I felt so much better. That's our weekend. I hope y'all had a great weekend too. Hope y'all have a happy Monday as well!!!


  1. I haven't heard of too many people who liked that movie. Interesting. I thought it was going to be great! Still haven't seen it. Anxious to see the Dragon one out now.

  2. How was Avatar? I think we are the only few people that haven't seen it yet? ha! Thanks for the warning about Where the Wild Things Are I was wondering if I wanted to rent it or not and I think I will pass!

    Sorry you have the sickies....Hope you feel better today! That food sounds yummo! I have never had fried pickles before but sounds pretty tasty to me! What a presh pic of Evan helping momma cook so stinkin cute I tell ya!

    Hope you have a great week! I will be MIA for the rest of the week I am off to JHU Ick....

    Summer ;)

  3. I love that picture of Evan helping to cook. It is so sweet! Hope you are able to get rested up and have a great week!

  4. Ugh. Sorry you were sick. It's going around. I hope the rest of my family can avoid it (Joe had it).
    And personally, I ALWAYS think I'm pregnant. I should take stock in EPT! ;)

  5. aww, we watched that too this weekend. The say the word Jesus in it and my dad got up and walked out. I do hate the bad laungauge, I really wish they wouldnt use it~ they certainly do not have to. Over all I really liked it tho. Sounds like you had a great weekend, and dont you love the little things they make for us!? xoxo LA

  6. I keep hearing bad things about Where the Wild Things Are. Kind of a bummer since it's the next movie coming to me from Netflix haha.

    Fried pickles sound amazing right now. They're my absolute favorite!!

  7. That's sad to know that the movie Where The Wild Things Are was not that good. Glad I never took the kids to see it. My kids loved Avatar they watched about an hour and half of it. Sounds like your weekend was pretty low key. Hope you have a great week.

  8. Yuck, I've heard that stomach bug is going around, glad you're feeling better! We know a man from TC that passed away at 51...small world if it's the same man, and yes very sad.

  9. Yep, same guy. My father-in-law plays Golf with Rusty's brother in TC. VERY small world. That is so sad, it was a massive heart attack, right?

  10. I'm sorry to hear that you were sick. Any time I say I'm nauseous, I get asked the same thing! I hope you're feeling completely better!

  11. I'm way behind in the movie department. I haven't seen either one of those. You just made my mouth water with that menu. YUMMY!!!

    Hope you're feeling better now!