Thursday, May 6, 2010


Ethan is still at home today from school. It's now been four days!

We really tried to get a shirt on him today, but had no luck. It was just too painful.

The blisters finally absorbed or popped yesterday. You can see all the new skin on his shoulder and his arm. Gross!

The poor baby has been in so much pain and I hate it because there's nothing I can do. We have our fingers crossed that he will be able to go to school tomorrow.

Also yesterday Justin's brother, Tony's girlfriend, Amanda (ha, that kind of sounds like that quote from Ferris Buller's Day Off) gave me a blog award. Thanks girl!!!

Y'all should go check out her blog, Tall Glass of Water. You'll probably recognize her from a couple of my pics on here. Right now her and Tony are in the middle of some much needed renovation of Tony's house (which she blogs about). Hope y'all stop by and show her some love and I hope y'all have a great Thursday!!!


  1. Oh Hattie! That poor baby! I know he is hurting. My oldest had that happen before too and we couldn't do anything! I hope he can make it to school tomorrow.

  2. That is SO looks awful. I can only imagine how much it hurts to put a shirt on....hope he gets well soon!

  3. Ouchy! I pray that it heals up super quick! My SIL went to the beach once and didn't use sunscreeen and she had mega blisters everywhere! Ouch....Hope he gets better soon


  4. I hurt all over just looking at it :(

    Sunburns are the worst...hope it starts getting better soon, hun. xo

  5. Oh my gosh, I hope he gets better soon!!!

  6. Oh my gracious!! That is just terrible! I hope he begins to feel better soon! It hurts me just to look at the pictures of him!

  7. Oh my goodness, that looks so painful. I had a burn like that, once, after visiting Texas, and it was AWFUL. I hope he heals soon!