Friday, May 7, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Baby Names

Today over at Kelly's Korner she's having Show Us Your Life: Baby Names. Well as many of y'all know I have four boys. There names are pretty common.

Jonathan Lance

We got his name from Jonathan Taylor Thomas from Home Improvement (the TV show). His middle name is the same as his dad's and grandfather's.

Ethan Michael

We stole his name from my sister! Ha! We were told the whole pregnancy that Ethan was a girl and it wasn't until a 3rd ultra sound I had at 8 months that he was a boy. My sister just so happened to be pregnant at the same time and I asked her what names they had picked out. She said Ethan for a boy and Abby for a girl. I was due 4 months earlier so we took her name. Luckily she had a girl, so no hard feelings! Ha! His middle name is the same as his dad's. All the men in Justin's family (brothers, dad, grandfather) all have the middle name Michael.

Jaxon Michael

We were going through names one day in the car and I threw it out there and Justin actually liked it. We decided to go with this spelling because his last name is Creole/French so it fit. Of course we went with Michael. Yeah, yeah I know, Michael Jackson. Trust me I thought really hard about this and I figured by the time he was old enough kids his age really wouldn't know that much about Michael Jackson (now that he's passed the chances are really slim).

Evan Michael

We got his name from Jenny McCarthy's son's name. She was on Oprah talking about her son having autism and I heard the name Evan and instantly called Justin. He liked it, so we went with it. The middle name is the same! I knew it's weird that they all have it, but I couldn't break the tradition!!!

I have a few names I like right now for little boys. They are Easton and Jacoby. I know, I have a thing with names that start with "J" and "E"! Girls names I have no clue. I've never had to think about it. I love old, unusual names (like my own). And yes if we had a girl her middle name would be Michael. I wouldn't want to leave her out! Ha! Plus I think it's cute when girls have boy names. I don't have to worry about names any more because Justin said we're done with having babies. I guess he decided to go get clipped! Ha! There's still a chance, so never say never!!! (knocking on wood right now though) So if y'all want to play along head over to Kelly's Korner and link up! Hope y'all have a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day to all the momma's out there!!!


  1. Cute names! I have an Ethan, too! Love it! Jaxon is way cool - never heard of it before! And wow....4 boys....I can't even imagine with the 2 that I already have! :) Happy Friday!!

  2. That's such a good picture of Jonathan! I've always wanted to name my daughter after my sister Maura (or spelled Myra) and Mia for the other girl. BUT guess it's looking like I'm having all boys!! Ha!

  3. I love the meanings behind the names! I have always thought you had super cute boys names and I love the spelling of them cause I am all about different spelling hince Kelcee LOL....How funny Jonathan after Home Improvement and Evan from Jenny McCarthy sounds like me....wanna know how I came up with Kelcee....was on bed rest watching Sweet 16 and the girl having the parties name was Kelsey but spelled the normal way and I told Greg I had to spell it Kelcee and he said o.k. at least the name is normal and it will just look like you don't know how to spell LOL....

    Hope you have the bestest mothers day ever chicka

    Summer :0)

  4. I love all of their names! All of my kids have two middle names. I used to babysit for a family that all of their kids had two middle names and they were all so proud of it, I thought that when I had kids of my own I would pass that on to them. I did and they all love it too. Their names are Josiah Aaron Paul, Rachel Christina Lynn, Olivia Judith Mackenzie, Amanda Emily Dawn, and Jacob Braden Hall. Of course, they all sport the last name Rose which I think goes very nicely with any name. :)

  5. Oh, your boys are so adorable! Well, of course, I tend to be a little biased, being a mama of boys too!

    Love the tradition with their names!

  6. I'm visiting from Kelly's Korner. Had to come on when I saw you have four boys as well. Love their names!

  7. These are great pictures of the boys. I like all the names too!

  8. It's fun to see how people come up with their children's names! Love all your names!!

    Happy Mother's Day!! Hope you have a great weekend. You deserve it :)

  9. I really like your names. Good choices!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  10. Great names all the way around! MY my what handsome men you have!!

    Love all the fun pics :))

  11. Stopping by from Kelly's Korner and I want to say YEY for naming your son Jaxon. I have a Jackson - but I really wanted to spell it they way you did. My husband won that battle though...oh well. All of your boys have great, strong names.

  12. you picked such great names for your boys!!! ethan is my favorite name but don't tell the others. : )

  13. Love all the names you picked! My husband's name is Ethan and Evan was at the top of our list before we agreed on Aidyn. I'm also loving the name Easton. I'm going to have to come talk to you when we decide to have our next. :)

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  15. Love all those names...Fun post...Stopping by to say Happy Mother's Day...
    Have a few hours to blog hop and nothing makes me happier.
    I have a GREAT GIVEAWAY that I will be drawing for on Sunday night.

  16. Great names!
    Dylan was so close to being named Evan!

  17. I love those names! And I like the fact that you gave the boys all the middle name of Michael since it was a tradition. If you had left one out he would've been sad later on :(

    And, I'm with you on giving girls boy's least for middle names! My hubby's middle name is Ross so if and when we have a kid, their middle name would be Ross too, regardless of if it's a boy or a girl. I think it's really special to pass on names!