Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What not to say!

Saturday before we went to the wedding I was loading the car with all the gifts. I noticed my neighbor outside weeding her yard so I said hi. She looked up and said, " Oh Hattie I didn't know you were pregnant again!"

I kept walking to the car and said, " Thanks, but I'm not pregnant. I'm just fat I guess."

At this point I thought she would be embarrassed and say sorry. Right?

Then she said, " I guess since you have to take care of all those boys you don't have time to take care of yourself."

I didn't say anything and I just kept walking to the house to grab the rest of our things. Here I was all dressed up for the wedding and looking somewhat presentable, I thought. I guess I shouldn't wear dresses because she is not the first person to make the pregnant comment to me while I was wearing a dress. My self esteem was shot, so this totally ruined my night. It was a long hard climb out of that hole that my lovely neighbor buried me in.

Oh well. I'm at home today with all the boys again. Poor Ethan got more blisters from his sun burn and still can't wear a shirt. Hopefully he'll be able to wear one tomorrow. He can't miss this much school! Hope y'all have a great Tuesday and don't forget to wear sunscreen!!!


  1. Oh bless your heart. I hate it when things like that happen.

    I am so bad about forgetting sunscreen. I vowed this summer to make it a habit to apply it all.the.time!

    I hope he gets better soon.

  2. Wow! That is about all I can muster right now. I am so sorry someone said that. That is a sensitive subject!

  3. Aw, I'm so sorry you had to deal with such insensitivity. People can be so thoughtless.

  4. It's happened to me, too. Unfortunately, she made it worse by continuing. Hang in there. I think you're darling!

  5. She seriously said that?? Really?!

    Who even says things like that?? Geez...

    I think you're gorgeous, honey--forget that nosy neighbor! xoxo

  6. Wow. What an idiot. You are a rockstar and you have four great boys to show for it! What an idiot!! (in the words of Napoleon Dynamite hehe)

  7. Ouch! I think I would have wanted to throw something at her.

  8. Some people are so stinkin rude! I since the jealous card! You look great girl, don't let her blow your self esteem! By chance is this neighbor elderly? I think we may have the same one LOL....sometimes she totally speaks before she thinks and leaves you thinking um really did she just say that! Two weeks ago I thought I looked pretty decent and I was putting Kelcee in the car and she said "Hi Summer, WOW I hardly recognized you the steroids sure do make you have chimpmunk cheeks!" Um thanks, I guess LOL.....
    We should so make a public service announcement....

    I second Mommy to 3 in the words of Napoleon Dynamite What an idiot!

    loves you
    Summer :0)

  9. OUCH!!!!!!!!!
    I mean - hellooooooo people!!!!!
    I WORK WITH a lady who throws backwards comments like that all the time. Things that you would think people are smart enough to not say out loud. but NOPE - some people just have no cooth! YUP! lacking that gene.
    I'm so sorry.......
    but who CARES what she thinks anyway?!?!
    Love yourself :)
    Love your beautiful wonderful life and the next time you see her - smile and give her the bird!!!!!!! LMAO
    That should piss her off ;~)

  10. Wow-some people and their mouths...I would have told her where to shove it, but that would not have been polite, so you did the right thing. HOW RUDE of her to not apologize for being SO rude!! Ughhh, makes me angry just thinking about it and I don't even know your neighbor. Sorry that happened. And we are burnt over here too, guess I better stash sunscreen in every diaper bag and purse I can find around here :)

  11. So when do you want Anthony to drive ruts through her yard? Or perhaps we can TP her house? Kill her plants? Hummm, am I the only one thinking REVENGE?! Ha! Screw her, we all know your fabulous :)

  12. Aww Man! Some people have no thoughts passed themselves. I just cannot understand how people speak before they think things through. I am sorry that you had to hear such insensitivity before going out to have a good time too. I hope you did not believe her. I think you are beautiful!! I hope you had a great time anyways.

  13. i'm sure you didn't look one bit pregnant. seriously, people say the darndest things. it shocks me. today someone told me that i must be having a big baby because i looked so huge. i said, "well, actually i'm measuring really small - 3 weeks behind." then they proceeded to tell me that that couldn't be right. geesh! you are beautiful and don't let any neighbor of yours put you in a pit!

  14. Uh. Wow. People can be so cruel. I clean for a lady like that. She means well but some of the things that come out of her mouth can be a bit obnoxious.

  15. I can't even believe she said that. What a wench (stronger words come to mind, but I'll refrain from posting them). I think you're gorgeous, so crawl right out of that hole and be proud!

  16. I am shocked that your neighbor said that to you! Makes me want to light a bag of poo on her porch! ha! I've actually never done that! :)

  17. Your darn neighbor! Don't listen to her! She is probably just jealous anyways! :)

    So sorry your little guy has blisters...ouch!
    I need to add sunscreen to my list of things to pack for vacation...thanks for reminding me! :)