Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fun Times Today

I've been so busy lately I haven't been on here in forever it seems! I've (with the help of Jonathan) painted and remodeled Jaxon and Ethan's bedrooms while they were visiting their Mimi in Alabama. They had a blast. Then last week I watched my nephew Tyler while my sister went to church camp.

Today was very interesting...first this morning Jaxon came running into the living holding his throat and screaming. I finally got him calmed down and he told me to call 911 because he swallowed a dime! I told him don't worry it will come out the same way everything else does. That freaked him out too! Ha! I asked him how the dime got in his mouth in the first place and he told me it just fell in there, like magic. Yeah right!!!

Then at lunch today Evan decided he wanted to be a red head (I'm guessing) because he decided to put all his ketchup in his hair. Then he tried to clean it out himself by dumping Jaxon's entire cup of apple juice on his head! That was a fun clean up!

Then finally this afternoon Jaxon mysteriously found a piece of gum in his hair. He had no clue how it got there or where it came from! So I cut it out! Hello spiky cow lick!

Today has been one of those days I just have to laugh! Sorry there are no pictures. Justin's computer isn't working and he's not happy!!! Hope y'all are having just as much fun as I am today and this summer so far!!!


  1. Oh wow...what a day, huh? HILARIOUS! Especially the "magic dime", I am not ready for my boys to get any older, I have a funny feeling there will be plenty of things that "magically" do things in our house :)Happy you're back to bloggin'!

  2. LOL! They're keeping you on your toes today!

  3. I've been wondering where you were?!?!?! Glad to see things are back to "normal". ha!! these stories crack me up. Boys will be boys, right??

  4. What a day! Especially with the dime! Oh my!
    Sounds like something my Lillian would do. When do they stop putting things in their mouth?? lol
    Have a wonderful july fourth weekend!

  5. Oh no!! haha!! My friends daughter stuck a crayon up her nose and said she didn't know how it got there. I said a few prayers that Aidyn never learns that magic trick. ;)

  6. I shouldn't laugh, but I must laugh when reading your posts b/c you are living MY life! ha ha! Isn't it great being Mom to so many boys!? And don't worry, I'll keep you all posted on the gender of this baby and if it IS a girl I'll be waiting to hear you announce you are expecting again...he he! :)