Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July!

Yesterday we went to our friends Danny and Crystal's house to eat some yummy BBQ and pop some fireworks. Before we left I made some homemade salsa and when my back was turned Evan decided to help himself and this is what happened...

Sorry the picture stinks. I took it with my phone! After we cleaned him and the kitchen up we headed over to their house. Justin's brother Tony bought a boat load of fireworks!!!

The guys BBQed and waited impatiently patiently for the sun to go down!!!

Evan decided to help himself to what was in the cooler.

Finally when it was dark enough they started...

I would like to say that how wonderful they all were, but unfortunately Jaxon hates fireworks so I was in the house most of the time with him. I did get to sneak out for the grand finale!

I had to steal Amanda's pics from yesterday. For some reason I can't get mine to upload. Sorry, hope she doesn't mind!!!

Hope you and your family had a Happy 4th of July too!!!


  1. Awesome firework show girlie! LOVE IT!! Those BIG Fireworks are the bestest!! I bought Greg some before Kelcee was born and we he set them off our neighbor in our subdivision ran outside in his boxers and hair a mess wondering what just happened LOL it was really funny so after that we figured no big fireworks in our subdivision haha

    Oopsy about the salsa! I've missed chatting with you girlie

    Glad you had a great 4th of July Weeked

    loves ya
    Summer :0)

  2. That is a lot of fireworks! Great pictures :)

  3. WOW look at all those fireworks! Next year we are coming to your Firework show!! LOL!

  4. wow, those fireworks are AWESOME! My youngest was terrified of them, so we hung out inside too!

  5. glad you had a good 4th...minus the salsa incident! wow that is a lot of fireworks!!!

  6. Holy cow - that's a truckload of fireworks!! Dying over Evan and the hot sauce and the cooler. He's into everything these days, isn't he??? HA! Keeps Mama on her toes!

  7. Awesome fireworks! Glad you had a good fourth!

  8. What on earth is it about guys and explosives??

  9. Great fireworks!! Looks like fun!

  10. Picture theif!! Haha, JK! Help yourself ;)

  11. How much fun! Who knew a Stay-cation could be so much fun!!!