Monday, July 26, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Well it's Monday again people and I've decided to play along at lowercase letters for Miscellany Monday!!!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. It's a stormy Monday over here! I just love thunderstorms. Last night it was lightening so bad our lights blinked and my exercise bike started to beep and go off. The weird thing is my bike is battery operated!!! Crazy right!

2. We've finally decided to sell our pool table. We want to turn our garage into a play room for the boys. So if ya want one and can come pick it up I'll give you a real sweet price on it!

3. I hate it, HATE IT, when Justin isn't home. I understand that he has to go to work or we would be out on the streets and starving, but for some weird reason I just don't like it here without him. Funny?! I know, he's only at work for 8 hrs, but it just seems soooooo long!

4. Just two questions...Why are boys so stinky? Why are boys so messy? UGH!!!

5. I've started to take the Woman's One A Day Vitamins Energy and so far I'm loving them. I've noticed I'm not that sluggish anymore! Woohoo!!!

For more Miscellany Monday head over to check out Carissa's blog and link up. Hope y'all have a happy Monday!


  1. Maybe it's the cocktail of Cran-Energy and that One A Day! Ha! Might have to try that myself ;)

  2. I agree things don't seem quite right if my hubby works extra hours or is deployed. We are always better when were together!
    Good luck finding a home for the pool table.

  3. are you serious about the vitamins? i think i should take one?

    my hubs travels too, and it wears me out! i completely understand you!

  4. Love the new blog did good! I hate when my hubby works nights-shift work stinks, but like you, he HAS to go to work, so I have to be understanding :) Bad weather here, but you and I don't live far from each other, so here near Clear Lake, we had cancelled teeball practice, which we count on each week to burn some energy for my boys...arrghhh! Glad vitamins seem to be working, I like one a days AND a probiotic, acididolphils, seems to work great too!

  5. Um I love your new bloggy look girlie it is AWESOME LOVE IT..... eeeeeeek.....
    I know how ya feel when Greg travels I miss him bunches....but I know he needs to work but still I miss him LOL...

    So good luck selling your pool table hope you make lots and lots so you can convert that room!

    LOL about boys being stinky that is so funny hahahah

    You always make me laugh

    Oh we watched the Runaways last night and it was better than we thought it was AWESOME it really kept movin' and we loved it even Greg loved it hahahah so I would say def rent it but if you don't like it don't blame me hahahahah

    Summer :)

  6. great miscellany today! i hate when my hubby is gone at work too, but i like my house and electricity and food:-) LOL! and yes, boys are stinky!

  7. I love storms, too. We had one on Saturday, and it was a blessing. The 90 degree evening went down to 75. Yes!
    I just started those vitamins. I'm hoping they work!