Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer School

Yesterday was Ethan's first day of summer school and let's just say it was tough! He didn't want to wake up. It took me a little over 20 minutes to get him up to get dressed. He cried and pouted, but I finally got him there. He only goes Monday-Thursday 8-12 for three weeks. Poor Evan was lost without Ethan at home. He kept looking in his room for him and calling his name. It was so sweet, but then I thought what on Earth is he going to do when the school year really starts and Jaxon is gone too.

Evan was so happy when Ethan got home. He wouldn't leave him alone.

Ethan of course was still in a bad mood and mad at me for making him go. Like I had a choice!

Luckily he got out of his funk because I let him go play pool in the garage. Today was much better. He woke up fine and he said he had a good time at school today too. Praise the Lord! Hope y'all are having a great Tuesday and not having to deal with any funky children! Ha!


  1. Oh that look on his face is priceless! You will soooo have to show him that when he is older LOL.....he looks like we all do when ya mention school blech LOL

    That is so cute Evan loves his big bro so....


  2. Oh that poor face says it all...I remember HATING summer school too, so he's not alone :(

  3. My son does extended school year and it is hard waking him up too!

  4. I love the look on his face in that first picture--so cute and it made me giggle :)

  5. Poor Ethan! School in the summer time is never fun, but at least he's already getting a better attitude about it.

    And Evan?? So sweet that he was missing his brother.