Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Times!

The boys are going crazy! Last week it rained almost every single day. At least we got to get out for our "stay"cation, but besides that they've been cooped up indoors. Now it's the mosquitoes holding us hostage. We look like we've had an outbreak of the chicken pox! So the boys have been watching a whole lot of TV and movies.

Then they came up with the bright idea to use this little wagon and some plastic boxes to play human bowling.

So far no ones gotten hurt...knock on wood. They even taped out a mini soccer field on the floor in Ethan's bedroom. So far nothing has gotten broken...knocking on some more wood! Hope the city sprays soon for the mosquitoes so I can kick these punks outside! Ha! Hope y'all are having a great Thursday.


  1. I wonder if they would like to go into the Heights and do a little window shopping, maybe get a margarita out on a paito somewhere, check out some thrift stores... Oh. Wait. That's stuff WE want to do! Once they are back in school we need to take a stay-cation of our own!

    P.S. Misquitoes Suck!

  2. Those boys are so cute! What sweeties. I hope the sun shines soon.

  3. oh do you have your hands full!! Boys will be boys LOL...human bowling ball wow that sounds um fun LOL....
    I had to laugh right out loud about taping a soccer field to the floor that is so funny....

    I hope they spray for mosquitos soon, soon

    I love that cute car bed, my nephew has the same one....vroom vroom....

    Summer ;0)

  4. they sure are creative! Man your house must be full of fun. :)

  5. guess the indoors has brought on some creativity! Ha, FUN TIMES :)

  6. I love the pic of the boys watching tv together :) I find that I LOVE taking pic of the kids when they are sleping or watching tv because they look so cute sitting still :) LOVE the bowling! Those boys crack me up! SOunds fun though...even to me :)