Friday, January 7, 2011

Feeling Better...Kinda!

Well we're still sick! I just hate having colds. There's nothing you can do except sit around and wait for them to go away. So since we've been doing nothing, but hanging out at the house and wiping our noses I've decided to post some of our Christmas photos. Better late than never right!?! Ha!!

Well that about wraps up our Christmas (I won't bore you with the other tons of pics, these were just my favs)!!! Hopefully I feel like myself again tomorrow. I have a whole house that needs to be cleaned. The boys have been working wonders on finding new ways to make a mess! Hope y'all have a happy Friday!!!


  1. I'm sorry you guys are still sick! Same status here. And great Christmas pictures! I love your new shoes :)

    Rest up and get well soon

  2. sorry you're still sick...hope it gets better soon! Great pictures :) Gosh, I want a house full of boys like that...we have two and I'm afraid it we try again, it might be a GIRL and I'd be terrified. I'm the furthest thing from a girly girl, so consider yourself SO lucky to be surrounded by all those cute boys :)

  3. Oh no! We just go over being sick too. We have been using Borion homeopathic meds and they seem to be helping to shorten our sicknesses. I sure hop you get to feeling better soon! Love the pics! Looks like my house! :)

  4. Great Christmas pictures! I hope you're all feeling much better!