Friday, January 14, 2011

More Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday and we went out to eat with my mom and step dad. We were going to go to Gringo's, but ended up going to La Brisa's (I like their mango margaritas better).

My mom had three gifts for the boys to give me. I got a jacket, necklace and some earrings. It was so sweet.

I also got a beautiful card and some money from my mom!!! My best gifts this year were... a yellow ring Jaxon gave me (which he found on the playground at school), Jonathan doing amazing at his basketball game, Evan not throwing a fit (ha!) and Ethan telling me (just out of the blue) that I was a good mother! He just melted my heart!!! God Love Him!!!

I had an wonderful 31st birthday. Now I can't wait to have my "hat" party tomorrow! Hope y'all have a great weekend!!!

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  1. wow, can't wait to see more pics! we LOVE la brisa too :) funny we've never run into each other around town, being so close??!

    have a good weekend and happy birthday!!!