Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's My Birthday!!! Ha!

I think 50 Cent said it best...

"Go, go, go, go
Go, go, go shawty
It's your birthday
We gon' party like it's yo birthday
We gon' sip Bacardi like it's your birthday..."

Insert Margaritas where it says Bacardi! Ha! Yep that's right it's my birthday and I'm the big 3-1!!! Lawd I don't feel that old. Tonight we're going out to eat with my mom & step dad at Gringo's (my fav Mexican restaurant). Saturday we're having a "hat" party at the house (hat b/c of my name, clever right?!). I can't wait to see what everyone wears. Hope y'all have a great Thursday!!!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday! Post pictures please :)

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!! Hope you have a fabulous night!!

  4. Happy, HAPPY Birthday! I will be 31 on Jan we're pretty close in age :)

    Hope you have a great day and whew, we love Gringo's too! Can't wait to see the "hat" pics!

  5. Happy birthday!! hat party...very cute idea