Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekly Plan 1/9-1/15

Well I stayed pretty sick all week so I had to change a few things of what we ate for dinner, but luckily I did get all my Christmas decor taken down. Now it's all up to Justin to put it in the attic. Okay onto this week!!!

What's for Dinner!

Sunday-Chicken noodle soup w/ Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Monday-Pot Roast
Tuesday-Fish w/ wild rice
Wednesday-Chicken w/ rice
Thursday-Lasagna (I made 2 last week & froze 1. It's My Birthday & this momma
isn't cooking)
Saturday-Party!!! Woohoo!!!

Goals for the Week!

Get the house clean before my birthday party.
Start back on my diet (now that I'm well) and figure out a good time to workout!

What the boys are up to!!!

Jonathan has a basketball game on Thursday.
The other three will be going to grandma's next weekend!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!!!


  1. I think your blog looks so much better like this. Love it! My Christmas stuff just got put into the attic thank goodness. I need to find a crazy hat for your birthday sometime this week! And if you need a workout partner I will gladly volunteer. Help keep you and I accountable! My goal is to be a little less round by my birthday in June :) We should look into that workout place across from your house. The do boot-camps!

  2. I think I said this last week but this is such a good idea! Hope you have a great week and everyone can feel better

  3. Im proud of you girlfriend, you makin some great choices!! and your menue sounds yummy, now Im hungry, lol ;) xxoo LA

  4. im a fan of weekly meal planning! we should share! haha

    mine is pretty bland this week...i'm too big preggers to get creative