Monday, February 27, 2012

Army Birthday Party

Saturday we had Ethan & Jaxon's birthday party! They picked an Army theme this year.

They had so much fun will their little friends and cousins.

We rented a moonwalk which they hardly used because it was so wet & cold. Go figure!!!

I just love throwing these birthday parties and making these wonderful memories with the boys!!!

Hope y'all had a great weekend and a great Monday!!!


  1. I love it. Love the army theme! Your boys are so cute.

    Boyd's birthday is next month. It's Cars/Lightning McQueen themed. I'm kind of over all of that, but he requested it. haha. :) We are also having a bounce house. I'm praying for good weather.

    Thanks for your sweet comment today.

  2. It is such an amazing theme for a birthday party. I really liked each and everything about this party. I can actually take up this idea for my nephew’s birthday party which is next month in a very fantastic LA venue that has good ambience and food.