Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weight Anxiety

As I mentioned before I'm participating in a weight loss challenge. We have a group page on facebook and I posted this yesterday.

Wow found some motivation in the worst way! An old best friend of mine invited me to a reunion/birthday celebration this weekend and the first thing I thought of was to find an excuse so I wouldn't have to go (even though I would love to see them). I would be so embarrassed for them to see me like this, this big. they're all so tiny and look the exact same or even better! This is just so sad. UGH!!!
I was so mad at myself for even thinking this. I should be proud that I've lost 20lbs! I know that I'm on the right track and I know I have a lot more to lose (and I will). Trying to stay positive is just hard for me. As they say in Finding Nemo, "Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming."
Hope y'all have a great Saturday!!!


  1. You will get there!!! Just keep swimming girl:-) That is awesome how much you have lost so far!!!!

  2. You are doing wonderful...20 lbs is great!

    Keep up the good work lady!

    You GOT THIS!!!