Thursday, February 9, 2012

More Girl Problems

Yesterday I talked about how I'm having "girl problems" aka that time of the month. 

This is the worst I think it's been. It's triggering my migraines, I'm about ready to pull my hair out and bawl my eyes out all at the same time. Geesh!!!

I feel like I'm going crazy!!! Hopefully this crap stops tomorrow and I can go back to normal. 
Do any of y'all suffer with extreme symptoms of PMS? What do y'all do that helps? Let a sista know!!!

Hope y'alls Thursday is going better than mine!!!!


  1. Some months are worse than other but I can be a royal bitch with pms.

  2. Hopefully you are feeling better now. I must say that I don't have too many symptoms. I usually just have cramps, and I can deal with that. I do get occassional migraines but that has been rare lately.
    Hang in there!