Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pinterest & Valentine's Day Fail

Okay I have a obsession with Pinterest, like everybody else & their mother. I want to try to create everything I see on there! So for Valentine's Day I wanted to make Justin this...

Mine ended up looking like this...

As soon as he saw it he said, " Is this from Pinterest?" Then to make matters worse I misspelled quiet. Grrrrr! Big time fail. I threw it in the trash yesterday (doubt Justin will ever notice, since I found it thrown on the mantel)! I guess I'm just not a crafty person.

On a better note, I got these two beautiful cards from Ethan & Jaxon!

Jaxon's read, " I love you for all the work you did." Awwwww, some one is paying attention!

Hope y'all have a great Thursday!!!


  1. yup we all are addicted to Pinterest! I found your blog it was on my friends list just wasn't updating ugggg! LOL! I think that your booky turned out cute and sweet! Girl you go get that out of the trash and save it! It really is cute! Love the Valentine's you got from your boys! Super Sweet!

    love ya

  2. i love pinterest too, but yea, i'm not too crafty and probably would have done a pretty bad job of that cute idea ;)