Monday, February 13, 2012

Party Time!

This weekend was crazy and went by way too fast! Poor Justin had to work all weekend, so I was flying solo! Saturday I went to sign up Ethan and Jaxon for baseball. Then we headed to my friend Kelli's house to do a weigh in. Justin and I are participating in a weight loss challenge with a group of our friends. After that we headed to a birthday party for our friends son Cade. The boys had a blast.

Then I took the boys to their Grandma's and headed back to the house to pick up Justin to go to his cousin's graduation party. The party was at a local restaurant called La Brisa's. It was HORRIBLE! We've eaten there a ton of times, but this time the customer service was so bad. Justin's grandmother wanted corn tortillas instead of flour for her quesadillas, but they wouldn't do it. Justin's uncle (who is a restaurant owner himself) spoke to the manager and he was so rude and so he ask to speak to the owner and he was just as rude! They lost all of our business and we will never go back there. After dinner we went to a karaoke bar called Renos. We didn't stay that long since Justin had to work the next day.

Sunday I woke up with a lovely head cold, so I just hung out and did laundry and finished the boy's Valentines. Justin and Jonathan both informed me that I'm ALWAYS sick. I didn't think I was ever sick, so it was weird for me to hear this. Sheesh!!! Well Evan is still at Grandma's today, so hopefully I can get some cleaning done! Hope y'all have a happy Monday!!!

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  1. Hope you are feeling a little better- Happy Valentine's Day! Holly @ Pink Lady