Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

Friday night Jaxon had a baseball game and so did Jonathan. Justin stayed with Jaxon at his while I headed to Jonathan's. His ended up being cancelled because they didn't have any umps show up, so on the way home Justin & I decided to go to Galveston and meet up with some friends & family! We did the bar, dancin' & karaoke thing!!! I was proud of myself for not getting sloshed & only having a few drink (this momma was NOT getting a hangover, holla)!!!

 Saturday we woke up and headed to our friends, Llyod & Adriel's house for a crawfish boil (seems like everyone was having one that day. There were 52 million pics on instagram of crawfish)!!!

I was really proud of myself that night too for my drinking!!! Adriel juiced me a fresh pineapple and I mixed it with some vodka. It was amaze-balls!!! Sunday we woke up and were strickin' with complete laziness (even the boys)!!! We just laid around, slept and watch TV (okay so I read a trashy romance novel all day. HEAVEN!)!!!

Hope y'all had a great weekend and happy Monday y'all!!

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  1. Hi, sounds like fun! I have never tried crawfish. They look complicated to eat!