Monday, April 15, 2013

One Year Anniversary

Saturday was our first wedding anniversary!!! Funny thing is we've been together for 13 years (& 3 kids) and just married one of those (I'll have to write y'all the whole story one of these days)!!!

 (My beautiful flowers Justin got me!)
 So what do we do...get pissy drunk go out and have a good time with friends. We headed to Galveston, met up with our friends and had a margarita at a place on the water called Squeeze. Then we headed to the Strand where some of our other friends live. On the walk to their loft we found this dive bar...Billie's Spirits!

It was so much fun. The bartender was a blast. She kept giving up free shots, since we were really the only ones there. Then these two guys started playing some music and they were kickass!!!

After hanging out for a bit there we finally made it to our friends loft. Had a beer and bathroom break then headed to another bar a few blocks over! We listened to some karaoke and did a few country line dances then called it a night (or if ya want to get technical it was early mornin')!!!

Sunday we woke up with a killer hangover and Justin's mom dropped the boys off. We mostly just hung out around the house and I went grocery shopping.

It was a fun weekend, but I've come to the realization that I might be getting too old for these "balls to the wall" drinking nights. For one I hate the hang overs, hate the not remembering, and I'm fairly certain it's not helping me shed any lbs!!! I'm pretty close to throwing in my party girl towel!!!  I've got a lot of soul searchin' on my hands it looks like. Ohs wells, happy Monday y'all!!!

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