Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Trying to Find My Happy

I've decided to start trying to find my happy. What are things that make me happy? Isn't that what makes "it" all worth it? Right?! A big "ah-ha" moment I had yesterday was that if I was just happy with me/my body then maybe I wouldn't have my weight problem. If I was just happy with what I have I wouldn't have such a spending/money problem. Okay I'll stop with those two biggies cause my list could go on and on!!! But y'all get what I'm gettin' at!

I've decided to STOP doing anything that doesn't make me happy and to start finding the stuff that does!!! I'm gonna embrace my "Happy Journey"!!!

Something that really makes me happy is...country music! So I'll leave y'all with two of my favorite Miranda Lambert songs. Hope y'all have a happy Tuesday!!!

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