Tuesday, January 24, 2012

BB Guns & Organization!!!

Well this weekend was pretty low key. We just hung out around the house. Ethan and Jaxon stayed in the backyard and did some target practice with their BB gun! I only got one pic because it was raining and I didn't feel like stay out there!!!

 We also did some cleaning and organizing. I finally got Justin to go through his bedside table and his closet. Praise the Lord!!! It was a disaster. So while he was doing that I cleaned out my jewelery drawer. I figured if I was in the room doing something he would stay motivated. Ha! I used some craft/bead boxes I had to put my earrings in.

Then I took ALL my necklaces and hung them on a cork board in my closet. Now they're so easy to see and get to. Plus Justin was happy now that he won't have to be untangling them for me!

After watching some football and movies our weekend was over!!! Hope y'all had a great weekend and have a happy Tuesday!

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  1. oh my gosh, I know it won't be long until my boys want bb guns...YIKES!

    Love the organization of jewelry...very clever!

  2. I love the necklace organizer! Awesome. I need to do this for LK! Her necklaces are a mess!