Friday, January 13, 2012


life rearranged

Do y'all use Instagram?! I do & I'm loving it!!! So I decide to link up over at Life Rearranged to join in Insta-Friday. Y'all go check it out & link up too!!!

This one is of Mister Evan doing what he does best...being Evan!!!

The boys got the Operation game for Christmas and we've been having a blast playing it! It's change a lot from the one I used to play as a kid! This one has a gassy sound which of course the boys find hilarious!!!

Do your kids eat Takis?! They're a spicy corn chip thing. Mine love them & I personally think they're disgusting!!! Yuck!

These are our puppies, Miley & Riley! It was cold the other day & all they wanted to do was cuddle. With each other. On me. Everywhere!!!

This pic is of all what I found while cleaning under my couches. And yes this is from one day!!!

I finally got The Huger Games trilogy!!! Justin & the boys surprised me and got it for me for my birthday! btw- Did I mention today is my Birthday!!!! The big 3-2!!!! It's so cool having a birthday on Friday the 13th (Justin's falls on Friday the 13th too this year)! Hope y'all have a great Friday the 13th!

I'm also linking up over here at Finding Joy! Check it out!!!

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  1. I love Instagram! I loved Hunger Games...and today is my son's birthday! Happy Birthday to you!! We love Friday the 13th over here.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday!!! I hope your day was awesome and that wasn't today when you were cleaning! Love the photos and you look great Momma! I need to stop by more often! Enjoy your weekend/birthday! :)

  3. Happy Birthday! You'll love The Hunger Games.

  4. Happy Birthday Hattie!

    You're kids are are so adorable... I haven't heard of Takis?... but if it's "a chip"... I'm sure my kids would love it too! ;-)