Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trying Out Pinterst!

This week I got a little crafty and tried some Valentine crafts that I found on Pinterest.

This one was so easy! All you need is some supplies from the dollar store. This whole thing cost me $2! Woohoo! I think it came out really cute.

The next thing I tried was this really cute idea to keep up with my weight loss. I've lost 13lbs so far. Can I get a "high five"?!!!

I didn't put the wording on them yet because I haven't decided how I want to do it (I don't have one of those crafty vinyl cutting thinga ma jigs)!

I did find some really cute glass bead things a the dollar store though. They're flowers, leaves and butterflies. So this whole thing cost me $3 for the beads because I already had the vases!!! Yay!!!

So have y'all tried any ideas off of Pinterest?! Let me know I would love to check them out! Happy pinning y'all!!!

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