Friday, January 27, 2012

Instagram Friday!

Yay we've made to another Friday! Which means it's time for Instagram Friday!!!

The boys piled up in Justin's chair to watch video's on youtube. I told Justin next chair we get has to be waaaaayyyyy bigger so they all can fit on it together! Ha!

Evan was nice enough to take a break while he was "working" so I could snap a shot of him!!!

The boys turned Ethan's room into a fort!!! This one they told me had separate rooms for all of them! Boys!!!

This is another shot I took of my new necklace organization!!!

Jaxon and his rubber chicken that he loves!!! Yes it has been the subject of a lot of jokes around the house. Boys!!!

I'm not a coffee fan, but I do love my energy drinks! They have to be no carb, no sugar, & no calorie though, I am on a diet! Boo!

Evan had to show me his chocolate mustache! He was so proud of it!!!

I had to make these for Justin Tuesday. I always feel guilty when it rains and he has to work out in it, so I bake! Ethan said he was so excited that it was raining because he knew I would be making daddy something! Ha!

So do y'all Instagram?! If y'all do let me know so I can check out your pics! Happy Friday y'all!!!

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  1. Your necklace organization is very impressive and inspirational :)

  2. Your necklace organizer is genius!

    The cupcakes look so yummy, I have such a weakness for them.

    I love the fort, my girls love to do the same thing!

  3. love your pics! looks like your boys keep you busy just like these in my house :) The rubber chicken...HILARIOUS!

  4. Love that necklace organization. Yummy looking cupcakes. Oh and I used to make those 'forts' in the house and so did my children when they were small. :-)

  5. I love the Valentines cupcakes! :)
    The energy drink looks tempting, but I think I might hit the ceiling if I tried that!

  6. Cute kids! You have such a great blog! I'm now following from Welcome Wednesday. Feel free to follow back at :)