Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Boys, Boys, & More Boys!!!

Okay this one is for all the mothers' of boys out there. I don't know about y'all, but my 4 punks drive me bonkers sometimes.

Let's start with the oldest Jonathan...this weekend he decided to hit Ethan in the head with a hammer and thought it was no big deal! UGH!!! Boys!!!

Then there's Ethan...his new favorite thing to do is butt into our "adult conversation" and put his two cents in!!! UGH!!! Boys!!!

Next up is Jaxon...he's almost 7 and is already addicted to xbox. This is causing his room to look like a war zone!!! UGH!!! Boys!!!

Finally there's Evan...he's going through this stage where his favorite word is "no", everything is his, & he's soooooooo bossy. Terrible twos?! Yeah right, more like terrible threes!!! UGH!!! Boys!!!

I know this all is a phase and it to shall pass, but Good Lawd, help me!!! Hope y'all are having a great Tuesday, and bless your heart too if you're a mom to boys!!!

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  1. Boys are freaking crazy. And my boys always went through terrible threes instead of twos.
    Hang in there!!! :)

  2. Boys are CRAZY, and yes, they still steal our hearts. :) Boyd is definitely in the "no" and bossy stage and I'm losing my mind!

  3. My little boys are all grown up and still I am saying, God love him. Sometimes, they still drive me bonkers. Thankfully, there are far more times I have selective memory and wish for the good old days. Hum, after reading your blog, I may need to revisit that idea. :)