Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Birthday!

Yesterday was not only Friday the 13th, it was my 32nd Birthday!!! Is it weird that I'm really enjoying my 30s?! Ha! We decided not to do any thing too big, we just went out to eat.

We went to this new spot over by the house called Beyond Burger. It's kind of like Fudruckers, but the burgers are waaaaayyyyy better! I got the bison burger and it was delicious!!!

My friends Amanda (who got me a cross & little sign, love it) & Adriel met us up there too. It was so nice. After we ate the boys played arcade games and we just sat around and talked. Poor Justin, he had to endure girl talk and miss the Rockets game all at the same time. Wow he really must love me! Ha!

After dinner we came home. The boys (big & small) played xbox and I played on Pinterest! It was a great birthday!!! Hope y'all have a great weekend!!!


  1. Happy Birthday :) A little late!

  2. Happy {late} birthday! My husband loves bison burgers too. I have not tried one yet, but he swears by them.