Saturday, February 6, 2010

100 Days & Window Watching

Yesterday was Ethan's 100th day of school. The kids were told to decorate a shirt with 100 things of their choice. Ethan decorated his with frog and bug stickers! He loved his shirt! By the time he got home from school there were no more stickers on his shirt though!!! Ha!

When Justin got home from work last night he went outside to practice basketball with Ethan. Jaxon went outside too to play on his powerwheel jeep! I was cooking dinner so poor Evan was stuck inside with me. He kept sticking his head against the window to watch them outside. He would get excited every time he would see one of them run by. He would scream and start laughing. It was so cute!!!

We had basketball this morning and now we're off to a birthday party! Happy Saturday Y'all!!!


  1. Awe that sweet boy was dying to go outside with his brothers and daddy, how sweet!!

  2. What cute boys! Thanks for following my blog. I look forward to reading yours.

  3. Awww Ethan is too cute in his sticker shirt! I love that he had frog stickers....I love all things frogs except the real ones Ewww LOL

    Jaxon is a doll! He looks sooo cute peeping out the door!
    Thanks sooo much for giving Summer some Sunshine!! You are such a sweetie :0)

    Hope you have a great Sunday and are you ready for some football!
    Summer :0)

  4. Cute kids! Thank you for stopping by and following my blog! I am following you back :)

  5. Hey Hattie, You should go in and change your profile so that your email is shown so that people can email you back when you leave comments! Makes it a lot more fun!

    Thanks for visiting and following.

    Love your curls!

  6. That's a cute shirt!
    Wow-four boys! How fun!!!

  7. Poor little thing wanted in on all the action! Glad y'all had a good weekend!

  8. That sounds like fun! I love the shirt.

    I always feel badly for the younger siblings watching the older ones have all the fun. :( No wonder they usually start walking early. ;)